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Class A Finishing

Matlab has multiple facilities that can achieve the quality finish that your commercial or industrial project needs. However, our latest facility is a step above the rest.

The Greensboro Facility

The Greensboro facility is designed to meet the most demanding requirements. It is our belief that by providing the most capable process to your parts, we will both be successful. The goal is to control trash and application defects. Trash is controlled by

  • Washing the parts and rinsing with RO water
  • HEPA filtration in the flash zones
  • An air shower into the paint room
  • Water wash booths to allow the air flow to remain balanced

Also, the system can be operated without an individual having to enter the clean room. The robotic application and plural component mixing provides a consistent application of paint. By providing the best application in the best environment, Matlab is poised to bring your next project success.

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