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Wet Coating

Matlab has the latest technology in industrial wet coating applications. Along with our Automotive Class A line, we can handle medium and large plastic parts, heavy metal parts, extra-large parts, and batch operations.

Automotive Class A Line

  • 3 Fanuc Robots
  • Water wash booths
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Plural component mixture
  • 46,358 square feet
  • Automatic program loading
  • Allowing a human-free application area

Medium Plastic Part Conveyorized Line

  • Two in-line booths
  • MERV 13 air filtration
  • 12,840 square feet

Large Plastic Part Conveyorized Line

  • Three-stage wash with an RO halo capability
  • 2 medium wave I/R ovens
  • MERV 13 air filtration
  • 26,400 square feet

Heavy Metal Part Conveyorized Line

  • Two ABB robots
  • Five-stage iron phosphate wash with RO capability
  • Three in-line booths
  • 25,560 square feet

Extra Large Capacity Batch Booth

  • 16’ BY 16’ BY 60’ capacity
  • 24,175 square feet facility

Wet Coat Batch Operations

  • 10 batch booths
  • One automotive batch booth

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